What is outsourcing?

"Outsourcing means entrusting qualified IT specialist's take care of part or all of your IT needs. Outsourcing is not an isolated incident, it's should be a long term partnership".

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Our outsourcing solutions

You may not have a permanent in-house specialist on site. We can propose personalised outsourcing solutions adapted to your needs.

Outsourcing allows you to control the cost, increase your performance and therefore increase your competitive.

Using our outsourcing contracts, mean you control your budget.

Our contracts can contain many options:


  • Unlimited Hotline assistance: Telephone or e-mail based user support
  • Remote assistance using remote control software
  • On-site intervention.
  • Helpdesk ticket based support with follow up until resolution.
  • Statistics and history of all interventions
  • After sales service for all your equipment under guarantee

The maintenance of your network

  • Documentation of your network (detailed description of your architecture)
  • Configuration of workstations and network
  • Regular Updates and analysis of all servers and workstations
  • Management of software and hardware evolutions.
  • Information concerning new technology to ensure the security and performance of your network.

Security optimisation

  • Regular control and updates of your antivirus and anti-spam
  • Installation, configuration and updating of your Firewall and Proxies
  • Regular security audits with reports and suggestions
  • Installation of custom security procedure.


  • Audit and installation of a backup strategy
  • Data recovery tests (DR)
  • Crash Simulations (DR)

A complete

  • The installation and configuration of your computer network (creation or evolution)
  • The supervision of your computer projects
  • The supervision of office removal
  • The supervision of training.

Let us manage the totality of your computer system's

In offering a complete solution of outsourcing adapted to each company that Aardvark brings you different methods and technologies to ensure the smooth running of your systems now and in the future..

Aardvark Informatique commitment and quality of supplied services.

We will follow you year upon year and evolve your park : It's all included!

Together we can create a customised contract covering all you needs.

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Need help or Advice ?

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