Today, lots of industry standard programs cover 95% of all "jobs" be it accountancy or Cad designs.

However each company has it's own specialities and ways of working that make your company unique.

Industry standard products may well achieve 90% out of what you need to function, but for that small extra function that makes all the difference, it's very difficult to find that small module that makes all the difference.

Sometimes there are no industry standard products available.

We can provide custom software that fills those needs.

Development step by step

Complete turnkey systems

  • Custom database applications
  • Hosted web solutions
  • Custom applications
  • Solutions open source


  • Development for Windows, Mac, iPad, Android, etc.
  • PHP
  • Java
  • Microsoft .NET / VBA / MS Access
  • Database MSSQL / MySQL / PostgreSQL
Keywords for development

Source code and database
Need help or Advice ?

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