Off Site Backups

Today Information technology is the key to your companies success, backing up all of your data is primordial.

A human error, a hardware breakdown, theft……….

The reason for data loss are many and unpredictable.

That's why Aardvark have put in place an online backup system based on the Remote Backup software.

Starting from 9,95 € / months, access our offsite backup system, Aardvark Backup Pro.

Fire, theft, wilful damage…
Your information could be in danger! 

Backup what you want…

  • Automatic backup of your information
  • Cost's based on backup volume
  • Recover your information whenever and wherever you choose
  • Compatible with Servers, workstations and portables…

Don't worry about backing up your information, we can install the software which will automise your backups, for a very reasonable price. 

The backup principal is very simple and secure..

The Aardvark Backup Pro system:

  • You chose what you want to backup
  • You choose an encryption method and key.
  • You choose the backup schedule.
  • Your information is selected and encrypted.
  • The encrypted information is sent to our online backup server
  • You receive an email informing you of what has been backed up

You information is stored encrypted in our datacentre and can only be read using you original encryption key.

Backup and restore
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